How do you handle Christmas in pandemic season? 🎄

Happy Holidays everyone! :star:

Usually at this moment of a year, apart from summing up Q4, companies also are planning the Christmas parties.

A year ago, for some it would be an elegant evening party, for some cool gifts and for some just a quick meeting with best wishes from the management :cry:

But this time it’s different – due to pandemic it’s impossible to organize live meeting for more than two people at once.

How do you handle it in 2020? What are you preparing in your companies?

Hi guys!

During non-pandemic years we were always waiting for the big Christmas party, it was usually the party of the year. :point_down:

This year has been different, of course. We wanted to organize something online, but we were a bit afraid that it might feel awkward. We decided to invite everybody from the company to a “Christmas call” and prepared some additional attractions. We used our ChatBot to make a short quiz with inside jokes and questions about company life. People who guessed all the answers won some nice prizes. A few days before the call, our office manager sent us gift boxes with chocolates, wine, and LiveChat-branded clothes. We opened the gifts together during the call. :point_down:

(If you like the clothes, you can win it in our Instagram contest).

After the call, we had some online activities organized by an online-events agency, such as an online escape room. Some people stayed to play some virtual games (like Among Us game). Some people open their wines and just stayed after the call to hang out and talk.

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Our big company wide Christmas dinner of course was cancelled. Instead our LiveChat team of 9 are doing a socially distanced meal (individually wrapped - no buffet, potluck or sharing of dishes) with a secret santa gift exchange during the work day. Each gifter leaves the giftee’s present on their desk before they arrive to work. Each team member will be wearing an ugly Christmas sweater for an individual picture, that we will later photoshop into a group picture.

Our CEO is dropping off the company gifts for each person separately at each office, rather than gathering everyone together to hand out gifts.

Things are definitely different than past years, but we are trying to be thankful and have things as “normal” as possible while still following health and safety guidelines.


Secret Santa sounds thrilling! We’ll definitely organize it next year!

BTW I know but I already mentioned it, but if you have any photos wearing your sweaters you can win some nice swag in our Instagram contest :wink:

OHHHHH don’t worry, we just took our photos today and will be posting it this afternoon!

GIVE US ALL THE LIVECHAT SWAG!!! :laughing: :sunglasses: :star_struck:


You’ll get it, no worries ;D