How can we send notification to tell the user “you have a new message”?


We have an APP integrated livechat Widget.

If our customer service staff send a message to the APP user, and the APP is backgrounded or closed,

how can we send a notification to tell the user “you have a new message”?

Our APP already has notification channel.

The question is how we know that there is an unread message for the APP user.

I think there shall be a way to push this event to webhook. Or something else similar.

I appreciate who can guide me.

I will check with our tech support and go back with the answer :slight_smile:

Hello again, I’m back with the answer :slight_smile:

When new messages is delivered, there’s a push incoming_event about a new message, after it is read the property of "seen_up_to" gets updated based on push events marked as seen.
Equivalents in webhooks: incoming_event, events_marked_as_seen

I am a little confused. when i configurate webhooks in settings, I can not find “incoming_event” option, as the screenshot


The “Webhooks” section inside of our LiveChat app contains configuration for an older(v2) version of webhooks than the one mentioned by Łukasz(v3), for now those older webhooks remain available in the app for convenience of clients who are content with possibilities those older webhooks provide.

The new webhooks differ significantly and are set up in the Developer Console.
To learn more about the setup process for v3 webhooks, please take a look at the guidelines.

I hope that helps! :crossed_fingers:

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