How can i set custom visitor information on prechat form


Firstly i’m new here.

We wanna use livechatinc and all we have to want create custom fields on prechat form and fill them(inputs) our data. Zendesk not usefull for this but i think livechatinc allow us.

How can i reach pre-chat survey field(input) and set custom information?

Hello Omer,

For Pre Chat form Customization -

to fill pre chat form automatically (if you have log in visitor), use:

window.__lc.visitor = {
  name: 'Joe Public',
  email: ''
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Thanks for your answer :slightly_smiling_face:

I added two more custom field to pre-chat, can i bind them? i mean can i bind except name and email fields (like clients company name)

Hi @omer.dogan ,
As for now there is no such a possibility. However, if you have data coded on your side (for example your users are logged) you don’t need to ask them for filling the fields as you can use documentation to display information about clients in the chat window.