How can a visitor turn off the live chat

I feel like I must have missed something–is there a way to let visitors turn off the chat feature if they feel like it’s annoying them? Someone felt like it was “spying” to having our photo in the corner while they were browsing, but our other folks seem to love it.

Hi @ahissrich,

I would advise to change the chat button that appears on your website. At the moment it shows the picture of an agent and as I understand, this is a problem, not LiveChat itself.

Just to demonstrate, at LiveChat we use such a button:


To change your Chat Button:

  1. Go to your LiveChat Agent App
  2. Click on the Engagement section > Chat Button > edit

  1. Choose buttons from the Gallery or upload your own. We recommend using PNG format.

  1. Save changes and the new button should appear on your website.

You can read more about Chat Buttons here:

I hope it helps!