HelpDesk Profile/Agent Picture

Hi all!

First post. My company has just started using HelpDesk!

I contacted an HelpDesk team member this morning as I was not able to update/change my profile pic within the HelpDesk system. Apparently this is not possible?

I am a little disappointed if that is the case as all of the media and marketing on the site shows agents with pictures. It is much easier to tell what agent has what ticket at a glance with their picture showing.

Does anyone know if this actually the case and if this is something that will change in the future?

Thanks all.

Regards, G

I believe this is true. If you have a LiveChat licence linked with your HelpDesk then the agent pictures from LiveChat will automatically transfer over to HelpDesk.

Other than in the HelpDesk system for agents, I don’t think the agent pictures actually display anywhere for visitors to see anyways. On the tickets my team sends and receives, there is no agent pictures anyways.