Heckler problem, block spoofed IP addresses


We have a unique problem, in that we have dedicated people who want our chat support to fail, so they come to our website, chat with our agents to waste our time and keep us from chatting with our intended audience. When we use the block feature in LiveChat, they just come back with a different IP address. I assume they are clearing their cache and spoofing their IP address each time they get blocked. They don’t even pretend to be a different person, they just want to waste our time.

My question is, is it possible to block spoofed IP addresses from LiveChat? One method I thought was maybe using a service like CloudFlare that blocks DDOS attacks and can lock down malicious attacks, to find or detect spoofed IP addresses, and maybe using a script that would keep LiveChat from loading on our site for spoofed IP addresses.

Does that make sense? Any ideas how we can block these motivated hecklers from being able to waste our agents’ time?

Hi @jfjweb :wave:
For now, the only way to prevent it from within the app is to ban someone’s IP.

But there are external ways to protect yourself.
Here’s an article about detecting proxy masking IP and blocking their access to the site.

You can also use a ready-made base of this kind of addresses, to detect this kind of proxy. For example, Maxmind have it in their offer:
We use Maxmind to find localization based on IP, so if the location of such visitors is shown as Anonymous Proxy, it would be possible to block their access to the site.

We also plan on extending the ban options, but it’s a matter of months, unfortunately.

Hope it helps!