Group Sending and bcc feature

For HelpDesk - I’m wondering if there is a way to create a new ticket and send to a group of recipients and to have those email addresses not show to each person it’s being sent to -basically bcc’ing everyone?

Here’s my scenario -
Currently, we email a survey link to our clients when they are done training with us, every week. We send it from a generic email address that we then have to monitor later for responses as some people tend to reply to the email in addition to completing the survey. It would be great if we could send this survey out via HelpDesk so that if someone responded to the email, the responses would be in HelpDesk for all agents to access. The survey is sent to 2-50 people at once, so it would also require hiding the email address from each person getting the email, basically we’d like a bcc feature when creating the new ticket/email. Is this possible?

I tried to do this with a new ticket but we can only add one email requester at a time as this would be much to time consuming to send up to 50 separate emails each week and there is no bcc or people in the loop, field available when creating a new ticket. I also don’t want to hook the current email address we are sending the surveys from to HelpDesk as this email is used for other things that do not need to run through HelpDesk or have other agents having access to.

Any suggestions are welcomed! :smiley:

Hello Melissa, unfortunately, currently it’s not possible to bcc in HelpDesk.
I spoke to our HelpDesk Product Specialist, and she also suggested setting a filter in the mailbox, so only targeted emails would be forwarded to HelpDesk.

I will also pass the bcc feature request to our Product Team, thank you! :bowing_man: