Group opening times

As an MSP, we use LiveChat to support multiple different clients after business hours.

Currently we have developed a piece of JavaScript code that allows us to swtich LiveChat on and off depending on the time of day.

I’d like to see this functionality built into group’s. For example this could mean that:

During x and y times present LiveChat’s button as normal, outside of these times either present nothing (hide entry points) or alternatively allow custom JavaScript to be ran to present the clients own chat tool.

Either way some sort of ability to control support hours on a group level out of the box would be really useful to us. Even if as a really basic setup was to present a message outside of the opening hours with the ability to link to another page.

Hi Dan! I’ve discuss this case with our Product team, but unfortunately they’re not able to do it in the nearest future. However it might be available as an app made by an external developer in our Developers Program. If someone creates it, I’ll let you know right away!

I need the same option. Any word? How is your script working?