Greeting Trigger does not work and need help

Hi there,

We added a greeting trigger on our website and currently, we are testing on the QA website. We set up the greeting for a specific page and using a custom variable combination.

The issue is, this greeting is not consistent and it fires sometimes but many times it does not fire.

In our testing, we had three chat agents, and 4 users who were testing and greeting appeared only 65%.

I wanted to know what are the factors which decide whether greeting should fire or not.

Thank you

Hello @rajiv.nair :wave:

It depends on the specifics of the custom variable that you have set.
Have you seen this article in our Help Center?

You can also read more on greetings and setting the triggering in this article:

I’d recommend you to reach our support via chat – they will look deeper into the configuration of your greeting and help you set it properly.

Thanks, Lukasz_W

I already reviewed these links and our custom variable is set correctly. Live chat confirmed that but Livechat trigger does not happen all the time.