Google Tag Manager widget maximize


How can I maximize the widget when we have this installed with Google Tag Manager?

Thanks in advance!

If you have minimized theme set as a bar, and will set a greeting for 1 second, after this time it will maximize your widget automatically.

You can also do it via API. In that situation you would need to modify the code and add our JS API directly in tag:

Hello @Lukasz_W,

Thank you for your reply!

I want to maximize the chat when I click a button on the website. Is that possible when I installed the chat through GTM? Or only if I add the JS API?

Hi @otnajela!

You can maximize the chat widget when button is clicked regardless of whether our chat widget was installed via GTM or directly onto the page,
this kind of functionality would require however that you modify the HTML of your website and add method documented here:

as an OnClick to the button,
below I’m attaching an example of such button in HTML:
<button onclick=""maximize");">This button will open up the chat when clicked</button>

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