Google My Business Messages integration?

Is there an integration to link your Google My Business pages and as a result the mobile messaging option for clients to LiveChat? I looked through the marketplace and didn’t see anything. If there isn’t one, maybe you’d consider adding it to the list for potential development?

We’ve recently linked our Messenger to LiveChat (now that the integration is free, yay!) and it’s great having all the communication in one place via LiveChat. Would be great to be able to have all our Google My Business text messages go through Chat as well.


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Hello, @melissa.hannam!

Thank you! We’re glad that you find it useful :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we do not provide such an integration. Google does not provide Messaging documentation to other developers, therefore we don’t have the means to create it.

But there is an other way: if you want customers to contact you via LiveChat on your Google My Business pages, you can place there a direct chat link.

It appears it’s supported now by Google - - well at least in some capacity. Would be great to have official support via LiveChat Inc.


Ok, thanks for the info!

I’ll pass it to our Integrations team :slight_smile:

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