Functionality to choose/rearrange columns in Customers screen in the mobile app (iOS and Android)

Hi there, we thought it will be very useful if we can choose which columns to show and in what order in the mobile app, similar to the way it is done in the desktop app/browser. E.g. for us it is very important that the countries (or at least the country flags) show up as a first column while it is not visible at all in the mobile app. ‘Force desktop view’ is a workaround but it then lacks the other great functionalities and user friendliness of the mobile app and you need to switch constantly between the two which is rather frustrating.

Hey Alex, thanks for your message. I will pass your feedback to people who work on it.

Meanwhile, I’d recommend you to try out LiveChat Lite. It does have columns, but the customer’s location is available on the spot:

The app is available for iOS and Android.


Thank you, Andrii. As a manager rather than an agent, in fact the light version of the app is perfect for me, thanks for sharing. Of course, in an ideal world I would still prefer to see (even in the light version) in the circles a country flag rather than customer initials which are not very informative.

Thanks for your feedback. We’ll consider this point regarding initials in the circles.