First Response Rate & Average Response Rate

My team is wondering about the first response rate and average response rate calculation… more specifically when a chat gets transferred to another agent, because the first agent did not reply for 3 minutes. It seems the agent the chat was transferred to, incurs the 3 minute response rate time. Shouldn’t the 3 minute response rate be counted against the first agent who didn’t reply for 3 minutes?

My team has targets for response rates and it is disheartening when they are penalized because another agent failed to respond within 3 minutes. Shouldn’t the timer be reset when it goes to another agent, with the 3 minutes counting against the first agent?


:wave: @melissa.hannam

Yes, it looks like we do measure it per chat, not per agent for now. :confused:
I’ve asked out Product Team if this could be changed; I’ll let you know if anything comes up.

If not, I’ll set it as a feature request and we’ll try to put it on our product roadmap :slight_smile: