Facebook? Messenger?

How do you engage with people on Facebook? Messenger?

Hi Kathrine!

I can tell you how it works in our (LiveChat’s) case. We also use Messenger to communicate with our clients. However, a lot of people confuse us with Facebook support (I mean, 99% :)). We use our own Messenger integration so all the questions from Facebook appears in LiveChat. Our Support Heroes really had a lot of annoying work responding to all the confused people but then we implemented a chatbot scenario and it really helped.

Yes, would like to know how this will help me gather leads for Prospects as well
as Customers.

Hi @nanaschoices4u2,

By adding a chat to your Facebook page, you can increase the number of chats with customers - every chat gives you a possibility to engage a person and build a relationship with them. What’s more:

  • You can address issues immediately boosting customer satisfaction at the same time (according to our Customer Service Report 2018, response time is an important factor that influences customers happiness).

  • If you chat with a person, you can recommend products that meet their needs and help them complete the checkout.

  • The tickets from the Facebook integration allow you to receive all wall posts and direct messages from customers as tickets in your LiveChat. This, combined with the LiveChat for Facebook Fan Pages, will allow you to manage your Facebook customers straight from LiveChat. More about the integration in our post: How to Add LiveChat to Facebook Fan Page to Offer Better Support

  • If you decide to use a bot, as Agnieszka said, it can not only help you reply to the most popular or confused questions, but it can also help you increase the volume of daily conversations with your fanpage followers and customers (more conversations = more chances of selling).

I hope I helped!

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Thanks for the heads up