Eye Catchers - Which Work Best?

Wondering everyone’s thoughts on the eye catchers… have you found some that work better than others? Do you use the ones provided or have you made a custom eye catcher?

We like to rotate eye catchers every few months and find the ones that seem to attract more chats are the ones that do not match the style of our website. For example our website is a lot of blue and white, and we’ve found a blue and white eye catcher does not work as well as a black and red one or a purple one.

Also - I love the seasonal ones and the ones with movement, wish there were more to choose from!

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Hi Melissa,
I’ve noticed that if I check the accessibility of our page with the WAVE tool that the Eye catcher is flagged for not having alternative text for an image. Has anyone worked out how to add the alt text?

Thanks Mike

Hi @mike.brooks! I’ve showed your post to our devs and they’ll add the alternative text for this image in 1 or 2 weeks. Thanks for your suggestion!

Thank you Agnieszka - that’s great news!