Do you receive a lot of bad ratings recently due to misclick by the customer?

In this year, we received more bad ratings than usual. When checking the bad ratings, we found over 20 ratings in one month were actually from happy customers and the customer left comment in the rating clearly that they are happy with the service. And during the chat, some customers also rated bad and when we check with the customers, they said it was by mistake.
I know that there are chances when customer clicked by mistake. But why it happened so frequently this month? This was not an issue in last year or year 2020 or 2019.
We have a KPI on good ratings and bad ratings, and now this issue has a great impact on our performance.
Tried to contact LC support while they said they can’t do anything abour it. So I just want to know if anyone else using Live Chat experiencing the same issue.

You could try changing the look of your chat window to make the “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” icons a bit more defined and the layout also has them a bit further apart. If you go into your settings for the chat widget and under customization, you can see different layouts. We use the “smooth” setting for the maximized window. Comparing it to the other option of the “modern” setting, you can definitely see the layout difference. I could see how if someone is using their phone they may select the wrong rating on the “modern” setting since the icons are so small and so close together.

We don’t get very many incorrectly selected ratings, so maybe that could help. :smiley:

Thanks, Melissa. Actually we have been using “smooth” setting all the time. Not sure why it happened frequently this year. I attched a picture for reference. Could you please share yours so I could check if we can improve? Thanks in advance. :kissing_heart:

Yours looks very similar to ours, we are on the same setting.

Are the bad ratings happening during the chat or after the chat has finished? For us, if the bad rating happens during the chat we say something like “I see you’re disappointed in my service. Is there something I can do to resolve this?”. If it was a mistake or if the agent turns their opinion around, the visitor can change the rating. Unfortunately if the rating happens after the chat is finished, you can’t really ask the visitor about the issue in the moment.

Hi Melissa, thanks for your sharing.
The bad ratings happened during the chat and also after the chat finished. But most of them happened after the chat finished.
Some customers gave good ratings first, then canceled the rating, then changed to bad rating. It’s very strange. We can clearly see from the customer’s comments that they are happy about our service.

Hmmm that is very odd. I’m not sure why you’d have one year with a big increase, it sounds like you’re doing everything similarly each year. Just random bad luck? :frowning: