Different EyeCatchers for different webpages?

Is there, or could there be, the option to have different eyecatchers on different pages throughout my site? We can customize greetings for different pages, and a different eyecatcher may be a valuable option as well.

For example, the eyecatcher I use on my home page (open for business/training has resumed), is different than one I might want to use on a contact us page (need help? we are here, chat now).

Hi Melissa!

Eye-catchers as of yet are not conditional,
though they are set per group - groups can be assigned to pages based on url so the presented use case can be accomplished in a simple manner but instead of setting up a condition for the eye-catcher like you would do with a greeting, you will need to make a group, set up an eye-catcher for that group and assign the group to the pages where you want your eye-catcher to show up using url rules,
if you have any questions regarding the process - please let me know or reach out to our support team and we’ll talk you through it :slight_smile:

Thanks @j.masternak

I think that would create way too many groups, so I will stick with a more generic eyecatcher and use the greetings and announcements to do the more customized things.

I see,
that’s an understandable concern,
“card” type greetings support image and gif files so that might be a good alternative.
Perhaps we’ll be able to introduce conditional eye-catchers without use of groups with future releases,
I’ll be sure to pass your feedback further!

Happy chatting :slight_smile: