Development idea: Webhook request and response logs viewable at dashboard

Developers are currently completely blind in regards to the webhooks we set up. We can see no request or response payloads or http codes when setting up chat webhooks.

We’ve had an issue lately where our REST API does not receive the ‘custom_variables’ data we inject into the chat so our entire process of sending additional data for our agents fails there. It would be so helpful to see what the webhook request has sent to our REST API and what the API has given as a response.

As an example this is what Stripe does with their webhooks and it is immensely helpful when they tell you that your request has failed, or if it has succeeded and you can see what’s going on there.

So the ability to see the logs for webhook requests and responses would help so much.

Thank you!

Hi @OssiDev,

Thanks for your feedback. It’s a great idea and I will pass it to our team.

However, for the time being, you can use external tools like for development. It does not solve the problem entirely, but it should help a bit with debugging.