Date-time stamps on chats

When using the API to retrieve chats, do you also have time stamps that can be used in the date format?
And if so, what timezone are the date-time stamps in?

thank you,

Hello, @francescas :slight_smile:

All our timestamps are basically UTC date and hour.
You can use to convert it to a regular date.
It’s possible to change timezone through
“param” timezone = timezone in the TZ format (e.g. America/Phoenix)

Moreover, it looks like you are using an old API v2.0, I would recommend you to change to our new API. :slight_smile:

Thank you, UTC is what I need :slight_smile:
How do I switch to your new API, and what issues might I face in doing so?

It is very hard to make changes with a live system…

Our Support Heroes will gladly check if everything is ready to change and will help you transfer to the newer version.
You can use direct chat link to contact them – , whenever you find suitable :slight_smile:

Hello Łukasz! Your hero Ola tells me that we are already on the latest API :slight_smile: I see I pasted a v2 API address… my mistake :slight_smile:

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