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Hi guys!

We took a closer look at Greetings in LiveChat :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: and found out some interesting facts and figures that may help you increase chat engagement and conversion.

Check them out!

  • The top 10 greetings sent by US companies are responsible for generating 10% of all the US chats. In this group, some greetings have low conversion but reach loads of customers and greetings that reach fewer people but get up to 16% conversion rates.

  • Half of the top 10 greetings are not triggered immediately – they are set to be displayed from 45 to 100 sec after a customer enters the website.

  • Greetings set for customers who have already seen multiple pages generate on average 153% more chats than other greeting types.

Here’s our tip for a high-converting greeting:

  1. Check how long customers spend on your website on average (you can use Google Analytics).

  2. Then set up a greeting using the time on page condition to around 20 sec before they tend to leave.

See how it works and create more greetings with time!

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thanks for the tips!

What on average, would be considered a good percentage to aim for when looking at converting greetings into chats. I feel like my greetings conversion is low (3%), but what is everyone else at, or what is the average? 16% like you mentioned would be awesome, but is that the average???

For the specific numbers, we need to wait for @j.firuta (he’s on vacation now :sunglasses:). However, I can say that 3% seems to be pretty low. Do you send greetings to everybody or do you customize them somehow?

They are customized, we have many different ones for the different pages on the website. I’m wondering if I have the greeting displaying too quickly, maybe. Some of our pages don’t take that long to read, so I thought a greeting should display before they left…

Hi Melissa,

How many visitors see those greetings? If the volume is high, the 3% doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing. Also, what’s the quality of the leads you get from those greetings? Do those chats generally lead to a sale/other goals or are they from undecided visitors?

We are usually displaying between 1,000 to 1,200 greetings a day and getting just over a 3% conversion on chats from greeting.

We use chat for both lead generation but also help desk as we have an online scheduling portal that clients sometimes need help using. I would say most of our chats our worth while, whether or not it is helping existing clients or turning an inquiry into an actual sale.

Of course, not everyone ends up being a sale, but I wouldn’t expect that. We do use the tickets for any chats that seem like they could use a second try at converting into a sale (we use the ticket to follow up and offer any other assistance or to get them started with their training).

Do you think I should raise the time trigger before a greeting displays? I was mostly just trying to see where I fit in on average for greetings conversion… I have no idea what other companies are at or targeting for greeting conversions.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Melissa,

I strongly encourage testing your greetings. You can try raising the timer a bit to see how it will affect your greetings conversion rate. Run it like that for two weeks (make sure they are full weeks) and see if you get better conversion rates than before. Rinse and repeat and you will slowly move towards better CR results.
Other things you can test: different copy, running contextual greetings on various pages.

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Hi! I’m letting you know that we have now much more options to set up interactive greetings :sunglasses: