Customer shopping cart tool slowing the website?

Hi everyone!

I have received a feedback from our IT team, which says that everytime we turn on the tool that allows us to see customer’s shopping cart, it slows down our website.
Could it be possible? are there any connection between those factors?

Thank you!

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Hi @Ema,

Can you tell us which tool you use?


Sorry, I mean when you activate the thing to see customers shopping cart.
It is a LiveChat feature right?
Sorry, I can’t express my question in the best way :frowning: don’t hate me pls

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Hi @Ema! Could you tell us what e-commerce integration do you mean? Customer’s cart tracking is a LiveChat feature, but how it works depends on integration. To inspect your issue and answer your question I would need to know what software do you use to run your shop :slight_smile:

Wadup @Quarties!

Oh cool right, We’re using the module for prestashop :slight_smile:
Sorry not very expert on that!
The problem is that some bots are creating a lot of carts in our website, and they’re slowing the website.

That’s all my IT team said, if you need some better info, let me know!

Thanks for the details @Ema ^^ Could you check with your tech team which version of Prestashop are you using?

Also could you tell me if you had downloaded plugin from our website (according to the KB article) or from Prestashop Marketplace?

no probs mate,
the version prestashop version is the :slight_smile:
And yep, we’re using ur plugin.
cheers mate


sorry that you had to wait so long for the reply - the prestashop integration developer was on his leave

anyway - I had discussed it and it might be slowing your website - currently we use mechanism called polling to update your customer’s cart in LiveChat app (it makes requests each 10 or 30 seconds)

I put fix for that in our dev backlog - I will let you know when it will be resolved. For now I can only recommend you to change tracking poller settings to 30 seconds - you can do it from Prestashop admin panel in LiveChat module settings


Thanks Quarties, u’re a god!
I’ll let my IT team know about that, that’s very helpful :slight_smile:
Have a good day bud,
Cheers :cocktail:


Hmmm. This seems to be a common issue. The same issue was hitting our Magento 1 site so hard that it would cause image loading to time out. After months of updates and different fixes (Including a similar polling fix as above), we just had to accept defeat and turn off basket tracking.

Every test we have done, within a few seconds of enabling it, the site begins to have problems. I think LiveChatInc needs to find better ways of basket tracking.

Hi @TonyETB,


Thanks for your feedback. We know about a situation, but as @Quarties mentioned, it also depends on the integration. We can’t offer different tracking now, but I passed the info to our devs, and they will take it into consideration while planning further developments.