Customer Service Report 2019 - what would you like to know?

Hi all!

Every year we analyze all LiveChat data from our customers to publish Customer Service Reports.. This year, for the first time we have the opportunity to ask you - what information do you need? Last year we’ve analyzed among others the level of customer satisfaction and chat demand in different industries, which countries have the best chat results and when the most busy time is.

Is there anything we could add to the report to make it more valuable for you?


It would really help if you can make a list with infographics:

  • What devices were used from the visitors
  • What OS were used from the visitors
  • From which country are the top visitors coming from

Thanks a lot for your suggestions! We’ve checked and it’s probably possible to get this data to our Report, so we’ll try to include it :slight_smile:

  1. After chatting with agent how many percentage does shopping cart increased ?
  2. How chat bot decreased real chat’s at different industry?
  3. Agent typing speed in different industry ?
  4. How often the same visitor open chat session ?
  5. How often visitor opening chat session in Checkout/Product/Customer area page’s.
  6. How often user’s asking to send chat transcripts to email

And how many chat comming from customers and from visitors compare chart will be amazing …


Monthly reports, greetings effiency, greetings conversio, chat heat map (location)


It’s already been said, but something about location would be cool to see!

I also think it would be great to see what the average number of agents is, and what kind of chat hours are kept.


FYI: The report will be ready at the beginning of the next week!


Hi - I need a content report linked to Tags, so that I can see the chats linked to the tag. I am trying to work out how to use the API extraction but it’s way too fiddly and not easy to see. I want to be able to pull by tag and read the comments against that chat. I’ve hit a brick wall at the moment and really frustrated. The tags really help me tell a story to the rest of the business about things our web could explain better - also key to understand if the tag “NOT ON LIST” is used - as I am missing vision on what that chat was about, I could easily add more canned responses if i can see the content - any ideas?

Hi @Easter ,

Try to make a GET request to[]=TEST&comment=1 authorized by your email and API key.

You have to replace the TEST in the link to the Tag you want to check, e.g. NOT ON LIST

You’ll get a JSON in response, but you can change JSON to .csv

The guidelines are here:

I hope this will help.

Hi – thank you for sending these

The issue is I am 100% new to any of this and the terminology and instruction just do not make any kind of sense to me, I guess we need to work out how to get some sort of basic element and lay mans terms

Who offers any training?

I’m totally stuck and frustrated because with no API knowledge I cannot get at my data and cannot move quickly ahead with impact to the business directly from the chat content

We are a small team and no API “staff” as such…

Kind regards

**Julia Easter ** **Customer Services Manager ** 01206 381 323


Hi, I just wanted to add that in the New Archives you can filter chats using tags and comments:



Thanks for your ideas.

The report :open_book: :chart: is ready and you can access it here:

We also have a short article that sums it up:

Hope you will find it useful!

That’s a great thing to know!

Thank you… I had not spotted that little gem

That really helps me for now, while I still want to know how to extract in the API this is perfect!

Kind regards

**Julia Easter ** **Customer Services Manager ** 01206 381 323