Customer SDK


am trying to integrate the VistorchatSDK in our react native app,
but whenever I try doing that it gives me a message protocol_upgraded,
on digging through GitHub repo I found you need use customer SDK when such message is given.
I tried importing as the documentation it says [customer sdk[ login flow has thrown code undefined with error you should render. authwebview from @livechat/customer-sdk first

Hello @boostudio,

Looking at the piece of code that you attached, it seems like you have combined both visitorSDK and customerSDK – VisitorSDK was compatible with older version of LiveChat – LC2, while CustomerSDK is compatible with yours, LC3.
You should clean this up and start from scratch, using only CustomerSDK documentation:

You can also look at this example of chat widget built entirely on CustomerSDK:

Let me know if that helps!