Custom offline form

I would like to have that the “Chat with us” button when no agent is online instead of showing the Livechat ticket form displays a custom form that we have on our website. This form is displayed with a “modal” window called by a javascript code.
So basically the “Leave us a message” executes a custom JS code.

Hello @paoloc68,

Unfortunately, you can’t have the “Chat with us” button when no agent is online…yet. But the stateless chat feature is already under development, so stay tuned!

If you want to turn off the Livechat ticket form, you can go to
Settings > Chat surveys and forms > Ticket form
or follow this link:

Well it seem that the option is badly handled because it will lead to a dead point!
Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 22.23.41
My purpose is NOT to chat when no agent is available, my intent is having a form on our site which can be filled instead of the ticketing form.

When using our chat window, currently there is no other options than our ticketing form.
You can also build your own custom chat window using
in which you would be able to use your own offline form.