Creating your first Automated Workflow – join our today's webinar!

Hello all HelpDesk users!

If you think about speeding up your customer service, today’s webinar might be perfect for you!
Our Brand Ambassador, Kaia Madalińska will explain to you, how to create Automated Workflows in HelpDesk :raised_hands:

You’ll learn:

  • The ins and outs of customer service automation.
  • The step-by-step process of setting up an automated workflow based on a real case study.
  • The achievable benefits of customer service automation for your agents, customers, and business.

Save your seat here!


And here’s the video, in case you missed the webinar: [HelpDesk Webinar] Create your first automated workflow in just five minutes - YouTube

After watching the video (it’s about 20 minutes long in total, so it’s a great accompaniment to your coffee/tea/“whatever you like to drink” break), you can share your automated workflows here :nerd_face: can’t wait to see them!


Great webinar, thanks for hosting!

I love my automated workflows, they definitely save valuable agent time and many of my workflows have been used thousands of times!


Oh wow, these look incredible :gear: And I took a glance at the counters — looks like you saved a ton of time! :muscle: Congrats on your track record. Melissa, would you like to create a case study with us based on your success? Let me know :blush:


Absolutely! Let me know what you need from me in order to move forward with creating a case study, we’d be happy to participate! :smiley: