Containers for tickets

I have a suggestion to add some sort of bucketing-system for tickets.
Imagine that you were able to put 1 or more ticket in the same bucket and the overview only shows the buckets, not the individual tickets.

That would enable us (in this case) to handle claims directly in Livechat by adding a new ticket with the supplier and grouping that together with the customer’s claim-ticket.
When there’s activity in either of the conversations, the red “new reply” bubble will light up for the container/bucket.

Additional functionality to the buckets could be to have notes specific to that bucket which is visible to the agents only, reminders i.e. remind me in two days if I havn’t heard from the supplier and so on, customized bucket name, custom labeling/categorization and maybe a collected space for all attachments for all bucket specific conversations.

What do you think? =) Is this something that is “implementable” ?

Best Regards
Robin Alfredsson

Hello @incoog,
If you’re interested in grouping your tickets, you should check the features of our HelpDesk :slight_smile:

We may not have this particular feature yet (I’ve passed this idea to the team! :v:), but we have some features that might be interesting for you – for example, you can save your sets of filters/tags in a form of custom views, you can check it out here.

It’s also worth mentioning, that HelpDesk is fully integrated with LiveChat and is capable of replacing its in-built ticketing system.

Let me know if that suits you :slight_smile: