Community Highlight #2 - George Kostidis

Hi Community users!

There are some awesome support agents and marketers among us. We thought it would be great to get to know them better :heart_eyes:!

So, every month we carry out a short, but meaty interview with one of the most active Community contributors. We talk about the best customer service practices but not only…

This month we have talked with @georgek


1. Can you tell us about the company you work for and the area you specialize in?

I work in a Forex Broker, offering financial/investment services for trading in global markets.

My Area is the Back Office and Customer Support department so we are focusing on our clients, on their questions and on solving any issues they may face.

2. How do you train support agents in your company? Any tips for other agents?

It’s a good habit to archive special cases. We encourage our new employees to review the previous chats so they can see the style of our answers, the way of handling bad visitors and the way we follow up once a chat is closed without being completely covered. Analyzing past chats also helps agents to understand the logic behind a decision. Apart from that, we have the Live Chat FAQ document where we store the most common questions and we always update it.

My tips are to always treat all clients with the same level of service. Consider differences in clients’ behavior but in the end, represent the Image of the Company, not your personal style.

3. How do you motivate your support agents in your company?

We evaluate the performance and then share it so it’s visible who is among the best and average. We don’t offer any specific prize because this is the part of our job. Besides having good results helps with getting a promotion or extra bonuses.

4. How do you measure your success as a customer service rep?

We always consider the client feedback. A positive rate, a comment, even a bad rate helps us see things from the inside. Plus, many clients chat with us again which indicates that the services they received were good.

5. What’s the biggest challenge at work for you?

Anything that we need to search, think and analyze before taking a decision can be a challenge.

An example would be to run checks on big databases manually in order to identify a difference or to proceed with mathematical calculations and find out where the problem is. Those challenges might look nonsense to other industries but in the financial industry, every number plays a role. When you miss one, it might make huge differences.

6. Why LiveChat :)? What do you use it for in your company?

It was there from the beginning but I had no reason to look further: user-friendly, light, Mobile/Desktop compatible and above all. So for whatever assistance we need, we can ask the LiveChat team to help us directly without extra ticketing channels and delays via emails.

Currently, we use LiveChat for technical and customer support. So answering questions, giving technical solutions, giving fast links and forwarding their cases to the relevant departments are some of our tasks.

7. If you had to tell one piece of advice to a person who starts their adventure as a customer service agent, what would it be?

Don’t take anything personally. Don’t forget that each chat visitor is unique and might have their reasons for asking even the silliest questions. Always keep a level of professionalism even if the visitor doesn’t deserve it.

Then go home and grab a beer, spend quality time with your family and don’t pay attention to the negative side of handling bad cases.