Check out new features in Reports and Archives!

Hello :wave:

We just upgraded our analytics to give you better insights into your support!
To be more specific, we added some features to Reports and Archives, so you might be able to take more insights from the accumulated data :chart_with_upwards_trend:

The update adds a brand new country filter , along with β€œ exclude ”, β€œ and ” & β€œ or ” logic. This allows you to group different chats , look at your reports from a different angle , and draw original conclusions by comparing data in a new way.

Furthermore, we’ve added quality life improvements, like custom time periods for heatmaps , intuitive days navigation in the Agents activity chart , and seamless transition between reports and archives data.

Check out the full description of the improved Reports :ok_hand:

Awesome! Always appreciate all the ongoing improvements!

Have you ever considered being able to leave a note or private message on a certain days report? For example, we had an extended power outage for over 5 hours the other day. I sent our agents home and turned on our ChatBot to take over, since agents couldn’t run all their devices and provide exceptional service with no power. Of course this will affect some of our performance and KPIs which will show in the reporting, but I will likely forget what happened that day, when next year comes along and I’m comparing Year Over Year-YOY reporting. It would be helpful to have a note or explanation on that day to remind us why the numbers were so skewed. I know if I exported the CSV I could create a report and add notes there, but I rarely export the CSV since the reports tab in LiveChat is so robust and valuable with all the graphs and comparisons. Just a thought!