ChatBot for LiveChat - Demo 🤖

Hi LiveChat Users!

We’ve just released a new ChatBot Demo :robot: :boom: that will help you know the ins and outs of the platform.

ChatBot is a robust framework that allows you to design, build, and deploy various types of bots on LiveChat without coding.

What’s more, the integration comes with a set of features designed mainly for LiveChat:

  • The bot can perform actions such as Create a Ticket or Send a Chat Transcript.
  • The bot can transfer chats to human agents, and human agents can transfer chats back to the bot.
  • All the conversations with the bot are archived both by ChatBot and LiveChat
  • Chats handled by the bot are automatically tagged.
  • Chats that were transferred to human agents get an additional tag chatbot-transfer.

Find our more:

You can find the ChatBot integration in our Marketplace.