ChatBot - Fallback Interaction

If you’re using ChatBot - I’m wondering what everyone thinks is a reasonable percentage for interactions to go to the ‘fallback interaction’. I was hoping to get mine to under 10% but that seems difficult, so I wanted to hear what everyone else was shooting for or currently obtaining. Obviously I want my bot to be perfect… but man it’s tough when people can’t spell or give the bot a 10 sentence paragraph. Sometimes I’m not sure if I understand what they want, let alone our poor hardworking bot! :rofl:

Also - the reports section of chatbot includes any of the in app testing you do when setting up interactions… Is there anyway to eliminate this from the reporting? I would prefer not to count my test conversations in with the reporting.


Hi Melissa,

That’s a good question. I think the fewer fallbacks, the better user experience. A good technique is to use the Training to spot common queries and train the bot regularly.

Also, you can try improving potential queries that trigger interactions for example, by using various matching systems, if possible. In some cases fallbacks must happen and it’s good to modify them rather than leaving default generic message.

I don’t think filtering out chats from the built-in chat is possible at this moment. That’s great feedback. I’ll pass it on to our technical team.


Totally agree @Luiza! We spent an hour a day on our bot, reviewing what didn’t work and adding interactions to correct the issues. I guess i’m hoping since we do focus on improving it a fair amount, that i’d be able to get the fallback amount down.

I’m just curious to know if i’m doing better or worse than others with this. Not sure what a reasonable or typical amount to go to the fallback would be. :slight_smile: