ChatBot - Attachment Input Integration

When we logged in to our ChatBot account yesterday, we received a message about a new Attachment Input Integration that can process documents images and videos to accomplish more tasks. Does anyone know anything about this and how it works? I can’t seem to find any new interaction or further explanation on the feature.

Appreciate any insight! :smiley:

Ok, let me shed some light on this :smiley:
It’s a new interaction type – it lets users attach files in an ongoing conversation with your chatbot. You can define what type of attachments your chatbot can receive and which ones will trigger a subsequent chatbot interaction.

Here you can read more:

Ok, I don’t see that option on my account. However, I haven’t switched over to the new builder (I don’t like change), so that is probably why I don’t see that feature yet. I will try and embrace change and think about moving to the new builder so I can try out the new feature.


Oh, knowing the way the ChatBot team operates and their attention even towards detail, I can assure you that the Visual Builder is a product of high quality :smiley:

If you have any questions about it, let me know :slight_smile:

Do I have to do anything with the current build or will everything just switch over seamlessly if I change to the new visual builder? I just want to double check the paths or communications won’t break before I make the change.

Yes, nothing should happen, but our ChatBot team recommends saving the original story on your account and testing the transferred one before running it. They also encourage to reach them on with any problems :ok_hand: