Chat Transcript Time stamp not CST

I had a chat at 10:15 AM CST, got the chat transcript and the body & subject of the email does not display times from my chat, it converts it to UTC timezone (4:15 PM UTC) this makes it very difficult to track down chats in transcripts.

Can you please fix this? It should be displaying the exact timestamp that is in the agent’s chat window.

We’ve reached our tech team, will get to you with the answer as soon as I will know more on this subject :slight_smile:

Hello again!
At the moment, the only method to achieve this is through using our older, v2 API – you could do that with that version:

If you would like to do that via v3 API, you’d need to change the timezones by yourself.
We are already working on implementing it in the newer version, but the work is still in progress.

URL for Berlin timezone with v2 API looks like that:

Tell me if you need more info!