Chat History

Hello all, I have integrated the Live chat through use of a webview on my react native app , am able to append the license and the user name and email for different users to the uri.
My issue is the chat history does not get refreshed for different users i.e. the same chat history is displayed for different users of app.
This happens despite a logout .

Hi @Joseph_NIDUM :wave:

Sorry for the delay in reaction. I asked our tech support about it and I’m back with an answer.

When it comes to React Native App used with webview, each of the apps (installed on user phone) has their own instance of the browser implemented as a webview, with link to direct chat link. It’s not really possible to see the chat history for the same user. Our widget is using cookies to authorise the communication between chat widget and our backend servers, so there is no way to have the same history for different users(based on different cookies).

But the main issue probably occurs with wrong implementation;
It may be the case that you are testing everything on the same app on the same device.
You are using different credentials to your app and the same webview for direct chat link, you’re just changing the URL to direct chat link(that will include name and email).
But the webview is sharing cookies, so you are just changing the visible part of chat widget, nothing connected to authorization.

If you want to have that connected to your own user databases and the authorisation connected to your own login endpoint, you should build the chat from scratch. You can do that with our Customer SDK.

Let me know if that helps!

Awesome, the later was actually the issue. Am sorted now

Good to hear that! :handshake: