Chat bubble

So I followed your instructions here to make a customized chat bubble, but the provided link to change the shape to a circle with a transparent background doesn’t seem to work if using a GIF. It only saves as a PNG.

I’d really like to use the waving hand to see if it boosts chat useage.

Any suggestions?

Hi Tyler!

I’ve looked into the above - if you have a gif, you can cut a circle out of it using a tool like this one:

You’ll need to upload the gif you wish to use and select the “crop a circle” option,
there’s an option to adjust offset and size so that should allow you to modify the gif in desired way.
Rest of the process doesn’t differ,
once you have that file - you can host it on and add it to the site.
I’ve tried the method out and that worked out well:

I hope you find that helpful,
sincerely - a dancing potato fan :slight_smile:

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Thank you!!!

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