Changing roles in General Group

HI, can see that all agents are automatically assigned to the ‘General’ group.

  1. Is it possible to make some agents in this ‘general’ group as secondary or even better removed completely

Ideally I don’t want some agents to be ‘1st line’ and instead keep them ‘2nd line’

I’m hoping to have 5 operators as 1st line who will initiate live chat and then if needed, transfer to a specific agent


It’s actually possible to divide agents into groups and set priorities to them.
Check our guide in Help Center about this topic:

Hope it helps!

Thanks Lukasz, yes have read that article…my question was a bit more specific to the ‘General’ group which I don’t seem to be able to edit in terms of removal of agents in this group or primary/secondary. I’m hoping to only have 5 agents in the general group who if needed will then transfer to other agents in different groups

I’ve answered my own question…i’ve set up in URL rules so that when people visit my site…a ‘Welcome’ group will be used instead of the default ‘general’…that way i can decide which agents are in that ‘welcome’ group

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