Change customer name (or add nickname) in chat

First of all: great product!

One request: Is it possible to change the name of a customer in a chat or add a nickname? Our customers appear as ‘Customer’ (or ‘Klant’ in Dutch) in our system.
But if you know people it would be great if you can change the name of the customer or add a nickname/comment or something to easily differentiate the customers in chat.


Hi! Glad you like our product! The feature of changing the customer’s name is under development. However, there are 2 ‘workarounds’ of doing this:

  1. Your customers can fill their names in a pre-chat survey
  2. You can implement Custom Variables and display the data in the app.

Good to know this is under development, I also would find being able to nickname certain IP visitors very useful.

Nice idea! I’m passing it to developers responsible for that project.

I’m also looking for an easy way to change the name of the customers.
It would be really helpfull to have this option :slight_smile:

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Hi @john3 :wave:

Unfortunately, there is still no option like this in the app.
Theoretically, you could do that from within front-end, using this method.

But it’s hard to say that it’s an easy way :sweat_smile: