Can I use the LiveChatWidget chat_id to send message to customer chat api

I am trying use the LiveChatWidget chat_id to to send a custom message. But customer chat api does not recognize it. How can send custom message to both Agent and Customer integrated with LiveChatWidget?

Hi @Gbabu :wave:

Unfortunately, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to use Customer API to send custom messages from a visitor’s perspective → this API can be used to develop your own chat widget from scratch, together with the Customer autorization process. Such requests would need to be authorized at the customer’s side, and it is not possible in case that you’re not building your own chat but using a native widget.
You can use Agent Chat API to send messages as an agent to specific customers, but using Customer Chat API with a native widget won’t work as you intend it to work :disappointed:

Could you provide us with an example scenario and use-case of this kind of solution?

Hi Lukas,

Thanks for the details. I have used the chatwidget and then integrated it with Agent Chat API with chat_id which has resolved the custom messages, resuming chat on chat widget etc. you can close this ticket please.

Will get your advice if I encounter some other issues

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Gnanasekar Babu

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