Can anyone help me with creating tickets through chatbot?

I am really struggling setting up tickets on chatbot

I need assistance here as well! I was just told that tickets from the bot will not work in HelpDesk and I must choose between having the bot create tickets via the old ticketing system or HelpDesk with no tickets from the bot.

Our bot works after hours from agents and makes many tickets from agents to handle when they return, so no tickets from the bot is not an option for us. I like the features HelpDesk offers and would like to pay you for this new system, but having it work with the bot is vital.

Even a work around would be helpful and acceptable… For example, instead of creating a ticket, could the bot send the transcript to our email address instead (which would then create a ticket in HelpDesk)? I do not want the visitor to receive a copy of the transcript in this case, however.

Thank you!

Hello @melissa.hannam :wave:

Sorry for the late response. There is a workaround using Zapier – the tickets could go through Zapier into HelpDesk.
Here is more info and all the triggers and actions available while setting this up:
and here is how to connect with Zapier: Automate your chatbot with Zapier

Let me know if that helps!

I have looked into Zapier, unfortunately with the amount of tickets we handle, it is not a cost effective solution, when already paying for ChatBot, LiveChat, HelpDesk & SnapCall subscriptions.

I hope very soon there will be an integration allowing tickets from the bot to be created in HelpDesk as this is a very important feature for us. My only option currently is to manually re-create every ticket from the bot into HelpDesk each morning. :expressionless:

Thank you.

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Is this feature now working??? If so, GAME CHANGER!!!

My chatbot started randomly sending tickets through HelpDesk last night, so I’m assuming the “create a ticket” feature with ChatBot now works with HelpDesk and not just the LiveChat free ticketing system. This is so exciting!!

:smiley: :partying_face: :sunglasses:

We’re impressed that you noticed it!
In fact, recently we placed the first brick of the ChatBot/HelpDesk integration building. :building_construction: :classical_building:

When Livechat is connected with HelpDesk without import chatbot still creates tickets in LC. But after data import from LC to HD the same chatbot will automatically start to create tickets in HD instead of LC.

More will be added in the future! :handshake:

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You have no idea how happy this makes me!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

The is great news and will save me time every day from creating tickets manually from ChatBot! Thank you!!!

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