Calendar Sync (Google Cal or any other)

Dear Team,
From my experience using Live Chat to assist clients, we had many times (20%-30% of the cases) that we had to arrange a future follow up or a callback.
It would be great and helpful if we had a calendar integration so we could share it with our team (form other departments/shifts) so they could get notified automatically about any arrangements.

Currently, it can be utilized using third party apps as well (Slack/Calendar) but if there is an open source code that could provide you your own app, it would be a plus to your provided features.

This can be implemented an Bot AI / Auto Replies and every visitor will be able to arrange a follow up if for any reason the chat agent is not available at the moment or if the department that the client is looking is not available.

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Hi @georgek,

I will pass your request to our devs. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

I’d suggest you use an integration tool such as for this. They are an integration partner to LiveChat. They have a solid LiveChat and Google Calendar integration that you can check out here -

And follow these steps:

  1. Connect your LiveChat and Google Calendar accounts.
  2. Select a trigger and action. Suppose you want to Add an Event in Google Calendar on a New Ticket in LiveChat, select your LiveChat trigger as New Ticket and Google Calendar action as Add an Event.
  3. Map the data you need.
  4. Test the integration and make it live.

Hope this helps.

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