Business Hours or Extended Hours

I’m curious to know what everyone has for their LiveChat Hours!

For us, our regular business hours are:
Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday, closed

But, we opted for Extended Hours for our LiveChat to be available. We have real people chatting:
Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm
Saturday, 8am to 2pm

When our real people aren’t Chatting, we have our After Hours ChatBot picking up the slack. We’re hoping that our Mr. ro-BOT-o will give some insight into when we could use another real person (Sundays? Longer on Saturdays?)!

Does your availability match up with your business hours, do you offer extended hours, or are your hours not-so-set-in-stone?


The best option depend on some factors as the amount of visitors you get daily basis and the importance of getting them.
If visitors use chat only to ask question but your service does not convert them to potential clients, then is it worth it to use extended hours? I don’t think so.
On the other hand, if this is the only channel that clients can reach you directly then you should consider using some extra hours and cover the needs of your clients.

Another factor would be the amount of visitors you get in chat as well as the amount of people/time you can share within the extended hour range.
If you are alone and you are getting too many chats, you might need assistance or keep the bot running.
If you might have extra 1-2 visitors on non business hours, then you could have your mobile phone running the Chat App and assist your clients from your Device.
It makes no difference than using other social media.
Since we spend more time on devices, this would be an extra kick to be closer to your audience.

So depending on specific factors I would suggest you to try it. Run a check and see what time you have visitors using your chat bot and try to be online at that time.
Then check if it makes any difference, if this was productive or just a waste of time.