Block Googlebot

Is there any way to block Googlebot from showing up the visitors list? We get hundreds of visits from Googlebot each day and it is very annoying.

Hi! I’ve checked it with our Support Heroes and here’s what you can do:

You would need to modify your code a little bit, here is an example code written in PHP:

if(!strstr(strtolower($_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’]), “googlebot”)) {
// your LiveChat code here

Here is an example written in JavaScript:

If you’re not a tech person, I’d recommend asking your web developers to do it for you.

NOTE: It may affect your position in Google Search engine, here is an article about this:

Hope it helped!

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Ya that is not going to work since it can adversely affect rankings.

I find it very weird that all these googlebots show up at all. I test a number of other live chat programs and NONE of them showed these googlebot visitors. I also checked multiple visitor monitoring scripts that we have setup including Google Analytics, awstats, etc and none of these hundreds of visits that show up on the Livechat visitor list, show up in these stats or visitors logs.

Am I the only one facing this? From what I can see, none of these Googlebot entries show show up on the Livechat app.

Needless to say I am getting very frustrated with this and am highly considering making a switch to another live chat provider. There is nothing more annoying than hundreds of visitor entries that are not actual human visits!

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Himarbman21, Yes I’m getting the same problem, you mentionned that other chats don’t have this problem. would you recommend another one? cheers

This method is very unfriendly。 livechat app should block all bot visit, not google, include bing, yahoo, other bot visitor

I was getting this with the old version of the app, which I preferred by the way. Now that I am forced to use the new version, this is no longer a problem. I just wish they would incorporate some of the features into the new app , like the option to show the actual page url in group visitor view, choose your notification sound, and option to disable the notification box, but still have sound notifications.

I have requested these things and not a thing has changed in over a year. They don’t listen to customer requests, like most big companies, they just add more “useless” features instead of listening to their customers that user this everyday.

Hi guys!

Actually lately we made the update that can really help in this case. From now you can filter out crawlers, bots, and IP addresses (like the one belonging to your company) so you see only real visitors that you can start a chat with. You can change it here:


@marbman21 we work on notifications now :slight_smile: Here there’s a poll on how you use them and how we can make it better: [Question from the LiveChat Team] How can we make notifications better for you?

I’d really appreciate your vote there!