Biggest struggle of 2020?

2020 is slowly coming to an end – it’s something that most of us is actually thankful for.
It was a year of unexpected difficulties, that caused a sense that future is not really under our control.
We had our problems, but it also showed that we’re exceptionally good at creating solutions.

For LiveChat, it was the somehow common issue of remote work – as a company composed of more than 180 people, we had to switch to remote-only mode.
It basically meant that all of our communication, product management, meetings, etc. had to be moved into digital.
We made it in 24 hours. You can read more about it in this Success article.

It wasn’t easy to accommodate into this new way of work, but we also helped each other in order to get accustomed to working from home. Tips, good practices and all sort of help was something that could be found around LiveChat’s Slack channels.
It may be that it were the obstacles which allowed us to reveal the deposits of problem-solving skills within the company.

What was the thing that you struggled the most in that year? How did you overcame the problem?

Our biggest struggle this year was rescheduling our clients. With the uncertainty surrounding when shutdowns would begin and end, it required constant juggling of employee and client schedules in order to provide the service the client had paid for in a safe manner for everyone. In addition, as a driving school, we are reliant on a government body to provide final testing and had to work our schedules for training with the schedules for testing. Of course once the schedule for testing opened up, it was a mad dash for appointments, both for us, other schools, and the general public to get those tests re-booked. Down government websites and lack of appointments (and frustration from our clients) was frequent and understandable.

To overcome these challenges, we created a dedicated scheduling team. A group of 3 staff members switched to overnight shifts each time new test appointments with the government were scheduled to become available. By working midnight to 9am, it allowed us to be on the website when the general public was sleeping (meaning website traffic was reduced and no crashing of the site ), and allowed us to secure dates for our clients the minute they came available. Hundreds of tests were able to be re-scheduled by this team, allowing clients to finish their programs and as a result many happy clients as the whole province was struggling with the backlog. Our clients were happy to wake up with news that they were one of the lucky ones who were able to secure a test (as not everyone was so lucky)!

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My struggle was to survive in COVID, life is a blessing and I managed to survive the waves after waves, moreover I joined a new company a gaming development company as a manager. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Obviously, surviving the Pandemic economically and socially was my prime objective I struggle but in the end I defeated the COVID and now my life has starts getting in order. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nowadays I have started learning new skills online. I enrolled in some online course to get my skills polished. I started Affiliate Marketing and SEO, etc. I use to write 500-1000 words on some random topic.

Glad to hear that!
What industry are you currently writing about?

I also enrolled in Content online course to get my skills polished. I also posted about bushcraft.