Big improvement needed for messaging (Social Messaging Chats Should Not Be Archived After 60 mins)

All chats will be archived if there is no activity for the past 60mins. It is great for livechat in website where visitors come and go. The same scenario cannot apply for ABC/WhatsApp/ social messaging.

We should not have a different messaging session and chats should not be archived after 60mins so the agent can see all previous communication. Imagine this scenario, we received a few WhatsApp/ABC chat in midnight. Those chats are automatically archived after 60mins of inactivity. Agent can not reach out to them making it not user friendly at all. Agent prefer to have all chat in one place where all history can be seen. We can archive it if it’s no longer useful but once the customer send a new msg, it should show as open again.

Please fix the inactivity issue and it doesn’t make sense for messaging channel at all. Imagine your WhatsApp app now, you have 5 different chats with the same customer, you’ll be extremely confused. (This is how it is currently in Livechat) It should be one message per person. (Ideally)

Hi! We are currently working on a new solution that might resolve the inactivity time problem -

You can switch to Messaging Mode when you log out. In this case your customers will be able to click a chat bubble and leave you a message when you’re offline. The new chat will appear in the unassigned chats section - when you log in to LiveChat again, you’ll be able to reply to this chat. Also, you’ll able to reply to old chats from archives (it doesn’t apply to chats from Messenger integration - Facebook limitation allows to reply to a chat no older than 24 hours).

The feature is still in beta but we’re searching for beta testers, and it will be soon available for all our clients. If you’d like to test it out, please let me know!

According to what you said about different chats - I agree, it might be annoying. We’re working on making it more user friendly.

Hope it helps! :raised_hands:


Can we test it out? I’ve signed up but yet to receive a reply.

Please remove the inactivity functionality from livechat totally, it’s annoying and not helping at all in 2020.


I’ve just talked with Ania, our researcher. She’ll check all the beta testers today and if you meet the criteria needed for the tests, she’ll contact you directly.

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