Big change in Automated Workflows! 💫 Check out what's new!

The first update announced here happens to be a really big change in the product! :muscle:

Allow me to introduce brand new features of Automated Workflows!

But first, couple words about the feature.
Automated Workflow allows you to introduce a custom algorithm to your support, allowing you to automate these areas of your support, which seems repetitive.

You can define custom conditions for each step of your workflow. When conditions are met, a pre-defined action will fire.

But what’s new?

:star: We created for you a bunch of ready-to-use templates, that are now sorted into 6 handy categories :

  • Auto-messaging
  • Prioritizing and VIP
  • Assignment
  • Following
  • Labeling
  • Status change

:star: You can now send two automated follow-ups within one ticket; previously you were able to send only one :v: We also prepared a special template to create such workflow :slight_smile:

:star: With the new templates come new conditions, actions and more! Among new possible actions, you will find:

  • sending private notes as a trigger and action
  • new condition “Followers”
  • new condition “Team changed”
  • new condition “Agent changed”
  • new condition “Priority”

…but not only! You can check all the new options in the app.

Enjoy! If you have any feedback or question about our app or a certain, let us know in the Updates&Feedback section :slight_smile:

You can also read more about using HelpDesk to automate your support in our brand new Handbook :open_book: :wave:


These are some great enhancements. I’m looking forward to using some of these.

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