Best places to promote products

Hi guys,

Can you tell us where you promote your products or content? We have already tested different channels like Facebook, Twitter, Product Hunt, YouTube, Hacker News, etc.

Any other places worth trying?

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I believe this depend on the target area and the offered product.
For example, Asia might use channels that are not even known to the rest of the world.

Definitely, Instagram and IGTV is a new trend.
Telegram was a hit for some period.
We chat is a very popular platform in Asia where even payments can be done through that channel.

All the above networks have been using the # Trend but I would also suggest to find the specific websites that have the same range of topics.

For example, if you are selling handmade craft, apart from Ebay, Amazon you can visit also Etsy which is more dedicated to this type of products.

Or if you want to provide some tutorials, you can find channels that provide education (Except YouTube) like etc.

Personally I am really bored seeing Adds and Pop ups in networks that were meant for something else.
Facebook, Youtube, Google became a digital billboard where you are surrounded only by the topics you looked for. There is no space for new exploration, new ideas, new suggestions out of the box of your interests.

So in the end either we need to start a new trend and bring the newspaper era back, or need to support those dedicated websites that give quality content (including LiveChat that has great material).