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Hello everyone. I am willing to start travel blogging and photography as I am going to get the chance of traveling to any different places all around the work because of my father’s profession. Well, I have a big interest in traveling and photography, I love to shoot pictures, edit them like a pro. But for a professional photography I have some doubts and queries. I have never used a professional DSLR or other multi-function camera. Last year, when I was on Swat tour packages from Karachi, I borrowed a camera from my friend to take pictures on the trip. Now I am planning to buy a new traveling camera. Suggest me which traveling camera should work great for a beginner?

Hi, I don’t know if the question is related with the community topics but I would suggest you few things, without being a professional photographer.

  • If you don’t have any experience yet, don’t buy an expensive one because until the time you become familiar, that dslr will have old features

  • learn the theory very well. 3 basic things are Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. You need to know those things better than your name and once you understand how they work, you can be a pro even with a 10 USD dslr.

  • Since you will be traveling, buy a light camera (mirrorless is in trend and has affordable prices). Don’t buy whatever gadget you find in the Internet just because you want to try everything.

  • So gadget/tool wise you will need:
    Extra batteries (no need to be Original, you can find good quality Chinese ones),
    Extra battery grip if possible, to add 2 batteries instead of 1
    A monopod with a small tripod base (tripods are taking a lot of space while a monopod is light and can fit anywhere)
    A camera backpack (Make sure that they are good quality and possibly waterproof
    SD Memory cards, look for the codes and the category of the card, not only the size. Get quality cards because i had many cases lost all photos because of a bad card
    If you will buy a flash later, buy a good one, which is expensive. Avoid using your cameras internal flash, its useless for quality photo unless you know how light works
    Laptop with good monitor. My monitor, your monitor, your friends monitor have different color settings so if your monitor is not correctly calibrated, it might show wrong colors (darker or lighter) so the end result will be different if printed

  • Check youtube. There are many many many channels to suggest you how to start.

  • Consider that photography, especial travel photography is a costly hobby/business


Nowadays you can make outstanding photos with smartphones. This photos are often more quality, than photos, taken on camera. I see no reason to buy camera for traveling.

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@jacquelinehayes, I agree and disagree with you.
It really depend on what you are looking for, but for mid range level and below, definitely a good smartphone will save a lot of pain and costs.

Quality wise, starting from the sensor which is much larger on a camera, ending to the real settings (Real Shutter speed, real ISO technology and real apperture) is not a good algorithm but a mechanical response which will give accurate and quality info.
Cameras are designed to take hundred of thousands of photos while if a smartphone has running apps in the background, low battery, full space etc, it will definitely affect the calculating power of the photo app.
Last, shooting raw images gives you a huge possibility to fix many errors, add more light, bring the shadows etc.
A smartphone bokeh (the background blurring) is a simple algorithm that the 2 back cameras are doing comparing the depth but it is not real. While in camera, a bokeh, a zoom, a really fast photo, a long exposure, an artistic and detailed photo cannot be replaced yet by any phone.

For selfies, general content for web posting and low load (in kg and $$) then I agree with you.