Automatically supervising an agents chats

We are training new staff to use livechat whilst also using livechat and carrying out other duties.
We would like it if a feature were implemented so we can set up Livechat to notify us whenever a particular agent gets a chat, or to automatically supervise that agents chats. That way we don’t miss any of their work and can make sure their responses are the best they can be.

Hi @NWP_Peter,

Thanks for your feedback. I passed it to our product team.


automatically supervise that agents chats
this is very important for us
We hope that monitoring chat is based on agents, not chats

Unfortunately, we don’t have this feature yet.
But if something comes up, we’ll definitely write about it there. :wave:

Second this request. Would be very valuable in our business for training of new staff and chatbot integration(s)

They won’t do it because there is an app for this function which charges $9 per agent (for us that would be $108 per month!)

It looks like this app is provided by an external company, so actually LiveChat do not gain any profit by this app apart from a small fee.

Currently, it’s not on our roadmap, but I’ll let product team know that the request is still valid.