Automated Workflow - changing from one agent to another

I browsed through the existing workflows available in HelpDesk, but did not see one that might work for this situation. Would it be possible to add to the list to get developed, or maybe there is an existing workflow I could use in this situation?

Here’s the situation - Agent permanently leaves the team but a visitor responds to a past ticket so it keeps that agent assigned. A workflow to re-assign the ticket to a different agent, based on the original agent would be helpful, to ensure no tickets go unanswered.

We have visitors who respond to our tickets sometimes weeks or months later, as they have further questions, so ensuring an active agent gets that ticket would be helpful.

Appreciate any input or suggestions! :smiley:

Hello Melissa! :wave:

I reached the HD team and I’m back with an answer.
Every ticket is assigned not only to an agent, but also to a team.
In the case of deleting an agent, the ticket becomes unassigned, but it is still assigned to team and in the case of customer’s response, other agents in the team should receive a notification about it.

Does it happen in your case? Or maybe it isn’t enough? Let us know :raised_hands:

The agent is still active in this case as I don’t want to delete the agent yet (in order to keep stats). Is there a way to keep the agent but re-assign via workflow?


Hi Melissa!

If the use case is to make new responses to those tickets reassign the tickets to a new agent,
perhaps something like this would work?

If assigned agent is “the person that no longer works with you” and status of the ticket is “open” (unless set otherwise, if a client replies to a pending ticket, it changes status to open automatically)
→ then assign the ticket to a group or agent of your choice

I hope that helps!
Kind regards :slight_smile:

Yes! that works! I have added that in, thank you for helping!

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