Automated responses

I would like to have some automated responses I could quickly choose from if I can’t begin a chat at the moment to let them know I will get back to them. Also, it would be nice to have an automated response that would kick in after a specified time in which I’m not responding to an initial chat. Something like “I’m sorry I’m not available at the moment. Please leave a number where I can reach you by IM or I will email you as soon as I am available.”

Hey @jcostley!

Firstly, thanks for bringing these up! We’ll make sure this feedback gets to our dev team as a feature request for the future development.

I understand your point of view in regards to why these features would come in handy - let me quickly explain why they are not around in our product at this time just yet.

When creating LiveChat, we thought of it as a tool to stay close to customers, live, whenever you can. For that reason, we focus on developing features that will support your quick answer to them.

If you know you won’t be around for 15-20 minutes (important customer to deal with, for instance), you can simply switch your status to “Not accepting chats” - - and this will instantly cause LiveChat to switch to offline ticket form for customers, so they can simply leave a message behind.

If you start a chat with them, we greatly encourage to jump straight on it if you can - when customers open a chat, most of them would expect a quick answer - and waiting for some minutes and then “away” message popping up would likely be a bad experience for them.

If you quickly need to inform customers about something, that’s where our canned responses kick in. They allow you to quickly invoke an answer to the customer within a couple of clicks and rather easily operate the most common cases. Check more on them here:

I hope that this helps your usecase a little - and as I mentioned above, we are jotting this feedback piece down on our end!


Thank you for the feedback. Again, just to clarify, I have a very small business and am the only one to monitor these chats. Generally I can do well in catching chats by monitoring my phone and watch. However, sometimes a client comes in unexpectedly and I can’t just cut them off to take the chat. Or, I may be driving on the freeway and get a chat notice. I may just be in the bathroom. At those times it would be nice to have something that would say I am temporarily unavailable and will get back to them as soon as possible. Another feature that would be nice is if they could leave some sort of contact information such that I could initiate a chat with them later. Anyway, just some thoughts from a very small business owner.

Jerry Costley

Hi @jcostley,

Thanks for your feedback.

As @Marcin has mentioned, currently tickets are the best way to solve your problem. They inform a visitor that you are away (you can change the message on a form) and let them leave their messages, including emails and names. Once you are back, you can respond to all tickets.

If you don’t want to log off the app, you can use a specific canned response. It can help you quickly inform a user that you will come back in a few minutes. Still as m.borowski pointed out, people who contact brands on live chat expect fast responses and are not satisfied if they don’t get them. That’s why I encourage you to follow the guidelines above.

Once again thanks for your insights.

Hope we helped!

This request came in nearly 2 years ago. Has any progress been made by the dev team or is that not currently being developed?

Hi @tjeffris! Actually we’re working on some pretty big feature that I guess would really help you in this case. It’s called Messaging Mode and in short it allows your customers to send you a message in a chat window when you’re away. When you get back you can respond to their chats and they’ll be notified via email.

You can try it out! Go to and enable Messaging Mode. Here you’ll find more detailed information about the feature:

Let me know how if it works for you!

This sounds great. I just have a couple of questions I’m still not clear on. If a chat come in while I am away and I have this set for messenger, will the chats that come in be parked in archives on my desktop app, or do I need to use the online version for now?

Second, will I get some sort of alert that a chat has come in? Either a notification on my phone or an email that is sent to me?

Thank your for working on this. I twill be very helpful.

Jerry Costley

All the chats will come to “Unassigned Chats” in the Chats section. You assign a chat to you and reply as it was a regular chat.
Chats that came from FB Messenger integration are available to reply for 24 hrs (this is FB policy).