Any upcoming conferences?

I’m wondering if anyone knows of any upcoming Chatbot or LiveChat type conferences? My boss has offered to send me to a conference of my choice in 2020, so I thought I’d start seeing what’s out there.

I found this conference coming up in April in New York, but I’m, wondering what other options are out there too.

I’d really like to attend a conference where LiveChat people or the ChatBot people from LiveChat might be attending. Are you guys attending or hosting any conferences this year? Or maybe I will just have to visit the LiveChat offices instead, so I can actually meet all the great support heroes that have helped me so often!


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Hi Melissa! We would love to meet you guys live but our HQ is in Poland :slight_smile: If you ever decide to visit Europe, we’ll love to show you around our office!

Lately we joined ChatBot Summit in Berlin but I’ve just asked our leaders what the plans for 2020 are :slight_smile:

well my boss did say I could choose anywhere to go… maybe Poland will have to be on the list!!! :star_struck: :wink:

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